Among all engineering creations, drilling platforms are Gullivers, in comparison with which even large
vessels seem to be Lilliputian. Modern structures weighing more than half a million tons, capable of
drilling wells up to 10−13 km and they are created by human hands!

The most dimensional platforms recognized:
1. The TROLL-A reinforced concrete field platform is the heaviest artificial object in the world that can
move on the surface of our planet. The total weight of the natural gas production platform is 1.2 million
tons with loaded ballast (dry weight is about 650–680,000 tons) and height is 472 meters (of which 369
are underwater concrete structure)

2. You can not go past the rig Statfjord-B, the largest floating technical facilities in the world. The height
of the tower, built in Norway in 1981, together with the concrete base is 271 meters, and the total
weight of the structure is 840,000 tons. The industrial complex can produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil
per day, while reservoirs will be enough for 2,000,000 barrels. Moreover, the platform is a real city on
the water: in addition to the drilling rig, it houses a seven-story high-class hotel, a chemical laboratory, a
helipad and a fleet of rescue and auxiliary equipment.

3. And here is the deepest platform located in the Gulf of Mexico, where it is moored at a depth of 2450
meters above the Perdido oil and gas field. Maximum platform productivity is 100,000 barrels of oil per
day! The height of the Perdido Spar is 267 meters, so this is a real underwater Eiffel Tower!