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25 years of perfection


Through 25 years we have been constantly developing
our technologies for environmental protection

Бонові загородження

Containment Booms «ECONAD».

SIE «ECONAD» develops and sell various modifications of Oil Containment Booms for effective localization and liquidation of oil spills and other pollutants in the seas, port areas, reservoirs, basins, rivers.

    Containment Booms «ECONAD» are intended for:
– limiting the spread of pollution on the water surface;
– localization, movement and recovery in the event of oil spills;
– guarding oil tankers during cargo operations, thereby providing protection for water areas from pollution;
– protecting shorelines, harbors, rivers, nature reserves of oil spills;
– fencing the territory contaminated by oil products, during cleaning works.

  Variants of Containment Booms «ECONAD»:  

   Product type 450/600 600/750 750/800 900/950 1000/1100 1200/1250
   Freebord, mm 152 180 260 320 360 380
   Draft, mm 305 320 390 460 560 605
   Tensile Strength, m/s 8 10 15 25 40 50
   Section Kength, m 7,5/15/30 20 20 20 20 20
   Wind Speed, m/s 8 10 15 18 20 20
   Trawling Speed, knots 1 1 2 2 2,5 3
   Section Weight , kg 45 53 75 130 195 260
   Package size, cm 120х80х80

Floating Booms «ECONAD» are made of special material with PVC coating, which has high strength, resistance to acids, alkalis, petroleum and petroleum products.
Containment Booms are highly durable and ensure their speed towing up to 3 knots, and the construction of compounds provides a rapid deployment of the boom and maximum resistance to wind and wave loads.

Distinctive advantages of booms «ECONAD»:
– booms are highly durable that provides speeds of towing up to 3 knots;
– the construction boom offers maximum resistance to wind and wave loads;
– easy to deploy;
– convenience store;
– compact;
– competitive price;
– ceasing is available.


  This product has been approved by the Ministry of Health and recommended for use in emergency situations by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.