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Bio-sorbent booms

Sorbent booms “Ekonad” with bio destruction activity are separate sections filled with hydrophobic and oleophilic biosorbents “Econadin”.

thumb Composition: bio-sorbent “Econadin” / polypropylene fibers
Absorbate: oil, petroleum products, coolants, solvents
Color: white, black


Size Diameter 125 mm 125 mm
Length 1000-2000 mm 3000 mm
Sorbsion capacity 1pcs. 6,5 l 14 l
Weight 1pcs. 0,2 kg 0,8 kg
Availability yes by order

Information: +38(048)722-16-58  e-mail: contact@econadin.com

Depending on the goals for the entire length of the boom can be stretched nylon rope (top strength member), the perceiver longitudinal load.
Section booms are connected by a hinge or metal carbines, which eliminates the possibility of leakage of oil and oil products through the joints.

Sorbent booms “Ekonad” with bio destruction activity for:
– oily wastewater tratment – in treatment plants in the initial stage of treatment (for example, drives oily water);
– oily wastewater tratment – in wastewater treatment plants in the final purification steps (for example, in settling ponds and reservoirs);
– localization and gathering of oil pollution in shallow water;
– protect the coast from oil pollution;
 oily fencing area on land during remediation works.



Bio-sorbent “Eсonadin” as filler bio boom provides:

 – stimulation of natural self-cleaning processes;
– the absence of the phenomenon of sorption of oil sorbed;
– reusability (multiple), using boom “Ekonad” in liquidation light oil products (gas condensate, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel);
– the possibility of recycling of waste filler Coupons by plowing at inconvenient, removal to a landfill, incineration at the elimination of pollution from heavy petroleum products – fuel oil and oil.

CIE “ECONAD” – the only enterprise in Ukraine, which produces bio-sorbent booms. Bio-sorbent booms “Econad” protected by the patent of Ukraine.