Mavi Deniz Barrier is a solid flotation barrier that offers cost-effective, well-tested oil containment. The barrier model ranges from sheltered / calm waters, low current conditions through containment of open water oil.

The barrier is continuous buoyancy, the boom type of fence consists of a flexible skirt, flat flotation to hold and restore spills in relatively protected waters and calm waters. The barrier can be deployed from barges, boats, docks, trailers, wading and tool-free universal aluminum connectors that connect to other ASTM connectors.

The barrier is one of the most economical fences available while maintaining excellent performance and durability.

The barrier offers the smallest storage capacity for continuous float guards and can be stored on pallets, in containers or on reel coils. Systems including storage / deployment boxes, towing bridges, anchor systems and repair kits.


The barrier is ideal for operations in ports, harbors, inland and coastal areas where a quick response is required.
The barrier is available in a wide range of durable polyester coatings / polyurethane coated.
Symmetric closed cell floats provide a smooth outer profile for superior oil sealing.
ASTM Aluminum Alloy Containers
Heavy galvanized steel ballast chains / lead blocks