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30 years of development and implementation of environmental technologies



ECONAD LLC was founded in June 1991.

The ECONAD company develops and implements environmental technologies aimed at protecting the natural environment from oil pollution.

At the head of “ECONAD” – Director Soloviev Valentin Ivanovich, BSEC (Organization of the Black Sea and Economic Cooperation) expert on oil spill response in the Black Sea, corresponding member of MANEB (International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human Security and Nature ).


Solovyov V.I.
PhD in Biology
BSEC Liquidation Specialist
oil spills

For many years, the mission of our company has been:
Development and implementation of environmental technologies for oil spill response.

“ECONAD” is the only developer and manufacturer of the universal organic sorbent-biodestructor of oil hydrocarbons – the biological product “Econadin”.

Also,  ECONAD produces a wide range of products for oil spill response, information about which you can find in the “Products” section.

“Econadine biotechnologies” used by “ECONAD” are superior to world analogues in terms of the degree of purification and the simplicity of the technological process.

ECONAD employees are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of oil spill response, adhering to the main goal – to ensure effective environmental protection through “econadine biotechnologies”.

Basic principles of work:

Taking into account the specifics of our activities and realizing the seriousness of the situation, in case of emergency situations, we provide urgent deliveries of our products across the territory of Ukraine.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by positive feedback from more than 500 marine and oil and gas companies with whom we have been cooperating for more than 20 years, the conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological authorities and environmental inspections.

Considering that each emergency situation has its own characteristics, an individual approach is applied to each of our clients.

Stable prices and affiliate programs for regular customers.

Significant events in the history of "ECONAD":

In 2005 For the first time in Ukraine, the ECONAD company has launched the production of emergency kits for collecting oil products under its own brand name “Ecological First Aid Kit“.

In 2011 EKONAD started the development and production of various modifications of booms.

In 2012 ECONAD expanded the list of emergency kits (under the brand name “Ecological first aid kit”), introduced emergency kits for collecting organic and inorganic chemical pollutants into production.

In 2012 ECONAD started production of skimmers for removing oil/fat/petroleum products from the water surface.

In 2013 ECONAD has expanded its product range by launching a range of cleaning products for a wide range of applications.

More than 50 scientific papers have been published in journals, materials of international symposiums and conferences based on the materials of research works carried out by ECONAD.

To date, ECONAD’s developments have received worldwide recognition, as evidenced by the fact that at the World Expo 2005 in Japan, our company’s environmental technologies were nominated in the competition “100 Best Global Ecotechnologies for Creating Suitable Living Conditions in the Future.”

Chronology of exhibitions, receiving awards, diplomas, medals:

for the period 1993-2003

  • “Ecology of Russia” (Moscow);
  • Exhibition dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine (Kyiv);
  • National exhibitions-fairs with international participation “Ecology 2000-2004” (Kyiv);
  • 2nd regional scientific and technical exhibition “Prospects of the XXI century” (Odessa);
  • International exhibition EXPO-2000 (Hannover, Germany);
  • Scientific and technical exhibition “Ecological regatta” (Odessa);
  • International exhibition “Hannover Messe“ (Hannover, Germany);
  • National exhibitions-fairs with international participation “Ecology 2000-2004” (Kyiv);
  • Exhibition “Science for Production” (Odessa);
  • International exhibition-symposium of ideas and investments “Millennium” (Odessa);
  • ECONAD took part in joint bilateral international command and staff exercises of the Ukrainian-Polish working group “Mostiska-Strazhava 2002” on the elimination of extreme oil pollution of border waters.
  • National exhibitions-fairs with international participation “Ecology 2000-2004” (Kyiv);
  • ECONAD took part in international exercises of liaison officers and experts of the BSEC member states (Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation).
  • National exhibitions-fairs with international participation “Ecology 2000-2004” (Kyiv);

for the period 2004-2012

  • ECONAD took part in the international exercises of liaison officers and experts of the BSEC (Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation) member states.
  • National exhibitions-fairs with international participation “Ecology 2000-2004” (Kyiv);
  • 5th Pan-European Conference of Ministers of Environmental Protection “Doovkilla for Europe” (Kyiv);
  • International forum-exhibition “Dovkillya-2004” (Kyiv);
  • International exhibition “EXPO-2005” (Kyiv);
  • “Environmental Project”. “Chemical and petrochemical industry of Ukraine 2005” (Kyiv);
  • International Forum “Oil and Gas – 2009” (Kyiv);
  • “International Black Sea Transport Forum 2010”;
  • International forum-exhibition “Dovkіllya-2011,2012” (Kyiv);
  • International forum-exhibition “Dovkillya-2011,2012” (Kyiv);
  • International Forum “Protection Technology 2012” (Kyiv);
  • X International Water Forum “AQUA UKRAINE – 2012” (Kyiv).

Our clients:

Enterprises of the chemical, food industry, energy, etc.:

  • Odessa Port Plant
  • CJSC “LUKOR” (Kalush),
  • AK “Cargill” (Donetsk),
  • CJSC “Odesa”,
  • Kremenchug CHP,
  • Metals Ukraine Corp. Ltd,
  • Service station “VOLVO” (Kyiv),
  • Research Center “Potential-4” (Kyiv, Donetsk, B. Dnestrovsky),
  • CPI of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Enterprises of the oil and gas complex:

  • State Joint-Stock Company “Pridneprovsky oil pipelines”,
  • State JSC “Main oil pipelines” Druzhba “,
  • JSC “Prikarpattransnefteprodukt”,
  • GPU “Poltavagazdobycha”
  • GPU “Shebelinkagazprom”,
  • JSC “Khersonneftepererabotka”
  • JSC “Lukoil-OdNPZ”,
  • Office for the processing of gas and gas condensate (Poltava),
  • OJSC “Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute”.

Enterprises of the maritime complex:

  • Odesa sea trade port,
  • South Sea Commercial Port,
  • Ilyichevsk commercial seaport,
  • Kerch sea trade port,
  • Izmail sea trade port,
  • Kherson sea trade port,
  • Reni Sea Commercial Port,
  • Kerch Seaport,
  • ASC “Ukrrichflot”,
  • IC LLC “Inter-Shipping”,
  • JSC “Danube ship service company”,
  • Odesa ship repair plant,
  • Izmail Shipyard

We clean the world!